Bifold Door Materials and Installation

Did you go to a work conference meeting and see a door that folded like an accordion? Bifold doors are extremely popular. You can see them in high-end magazine advertisements, fancy restaurants, hotels, and restaurants. They are an excellent way to create privacy and an open space simultaneously. Bifold doors are intriguing and modern. Once you have used a bifold door, you might be curious if it could work in your living room space or at your new office. Manufacturers create standard and customised bifold doors to fit in every space.

Quality of Material

Origin bifold doors are known for their high-quality material. When you are shopping for bifold doors at any manufacturer, you will notice they offer a wide range of materials. You can find aluminium, timber, and uPVC. Bifold doors can replace full walls, portions of walls, doors, and glass. You will want to choose the right material to replace the existing structure. Would you prefer timber? Do you want the material to be glass so it allows natural light into the space? Bifold door manufacturers can answer all your questions to help you decide which material would work best in your space both aesthetically and functionally.

Aluminium is extremely strong and durable. aluminium requires little to no maintenance which makes it a more popular choice. You will only have to wash the aluminium every so often unlike timber which requires regular treatments. Timber bifold doors will degrade, corrode, and rot more easily than aluminium bifold doors. However, timber is also just as durable and aesthetically appealing. Not all aluminium, timber, and uPVC bifold doors are built the same. For example, an Origin aluminium bifold door is made of premium-grade aluminium. This means that the aluminium has not been remelted. It is much stronger than aluminium that you may be familiar with. Premium-grade materials will enhance strength as well as security.


Doors provide security and privacy. When you are considering external bifold doors, security should be a primary concern. Potential thieves are less likely to attempt to break into your home if it is secured by strong doors and locks. Burglars want to be able to quickly enter and leave a home. When the door is secure, it makes it difficult for them to quickly get in and out. You will want to find a bifold door that demonstrates great strength and has a secure locking system if it is going on an external wall. The best external bifold door locks have been tested against picking, drilling, and snapping.

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