Common Causes of Roof Repair

There are many reasons you may need to repair your roof. Most homeowners order roof repairs after weather damage. According to a survey, 65% of homeowners stated that roof repairs are the main reason they ordered them. Continue reading to learn more about common causes of roof repairs.

Poor Installation

This is the most common reason for roof repairs. It is possible that your roof was not properly installed and you will need it to be repaired quickly. The roofing company may have done the wrong job or not matched the roof’s weight to your home. These factors could lead to roof problems that can be costly.


If you want your roof’s longevity to be long-lasting, it is important to establish a routine for roof maintenance. Neglecting your roof will lead to serious problems. Roof repairs caused by neglect can be costly. Regular inspections of your roof can detect small problems and fix them before they become serious. If your roof isn’t being inspected regularly, these small problems will become more serious and you won’t be able to ignore them anymore.

Weather Damage

Your roof protects your house from the elements. It is not protected from the elements. It is constantly exposed to heat during summer and cold in winter. These temperature fluctuations are well handled by most roofs. However, other weather conditions can pose a serious threat to your roof. Strong winds and hurricanes can do irreparable damage.

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