Designing A Budget Outdoor Kitchen: Quick Guide For Homeowners!

If you want to enhance the exteriors of your home, an outdoor kitchen could be a great investment. Properties that have outdoor kitchens often fetch a better price at the time of selling. Many homeowners, however, have reservations, because they often believe that the expenses would go beyond their expected budget. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on designing an outdoor kitchen for less.

  • Figure out what you really need. While outdoor kitchens are meant to be fully functional, you may not everything that you see in those posh homes. For instance, you don’t need extensive cabinetry, unless you intend to use the space as the primary or regular kitchen of the house. The same is true for appliances. A hob or cooktop may be necessary, and you may want a BBQ setup, but avoid what you don’t need, like small appliances, which can be used indoors.
  • Match it with your home. If you want the outdoor kitchen to become an integral part of the design, consider working on a theme that’s similar to the theme of your home. Alternatively, you can go completely contrast in terms of décor and design, and match the outdoor kitchen with the exterior look of the property.
  • Hire the right designers. A good professional outdoor kitchen design & installation service can make a big difference to your project. The first consultation is all about knowing your expectations, a likely idea of the budget, and based on the requirements, space, and other factors, their design experts will make suitable recommendations. Even on a small budget, you can have a lot of options, provided you select a reliable design service.

Think of the add-ons

Having a nice patio, or sunshade, close to the outdoor kitchen may be a good idea. When you decide to spend on your outdoor setup, try to transform it into an additional living area. You can host small parties, attend your guests without letting them in, and can have family time under the open sky. Make sure that the products, setup and installation is done in sync with local weather in general. A good outdoor kitchen should have more than just an appealing layout- It should be practical, easy to manage and maintain, and must have all that’s required to show your culinary skills.

Make sure that you have a comprehensive estimate before the actual work begins!

Our kitchen designers Auckland can help you create a functional and beautiful space that will be the envy of your friends and family. We’ll work with you to find the perfect design for your needs and make sure that it fits your budget.

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