Everything Has a Shelf Life, When Was Your Last UPVC Inspection?

One of the most attractive features of UPVC windows and doors is their ease of maintenance and, after all, they are mainly plastic so it could be easy to think that they will last forever. The sales rep may have even given the impression that there is some truth behind the notion however, everything has a shelf life, so a quick assessment will be time well spent;

When to exchange

There are different guidelines from various sources about recommended replacement timeframes, ranging from between 10-20 years. A difference of 10 years isn’t exactly very accurate and that’s assuming that your units and doors are of top quality, were fitted perfectly and, have been well maintained as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Fleeting visit

Sadly, for a large number of double-glazing customers they likely ended up making the change to UPVC windows in Bromley, encouraged by a fleeting visit from a double-glazing sales person knocking at their door with a list of reasons as long their arm as to why you simply cannot live without UPVC units. The benefits of quality units speak for itself, although for those that made their purchase on the back of a visit from a sales rep, they may have never received any care guidance, let alone seen the rep since they signed.

General rule of thumb

Better to be safe than sorry, it would be a wise idea to arrange an inspection if your current units are reaching that lower tier 10-year period, if nothing else at least you’ll know if it’s ok to ‘do nothing’.

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