How Can You Make Windows Hurricane Proof?

If you are living on the coastal side then storm shutters will be very important to have. Also, it is essential to have hurricane proof windows in Lee County FL and also keep plywood on your hand, if you will need to board-up the windows.

Hurricanes can always be too scary, but any idea to think about broken glasses are flying through the living room, at the speed of 155 mph can be very terrifying.

Also, hurricane winds coming because of broken windows may create dangerous pressure inside the home that may also collapse walls and roof.

Following are 3 ways to make your windows hurricane-proof.

Add a hurricane window film

Even if you are just any average DIYer, then you can always install on your windows a peel-and-stick hurricane film for just $25/linear foot. This film can also block ultraviolet light which can fade your carpets and fabric.

However, the downside of hurricane film is that, this film is sufficiently strong enough to block hurricane winds to blow in your entire window frame. Therefore, no insurance company will offer discounts for such hurricane film.

Therefore, people prefer to shield the windows with plywood as mentioned below.

Shield windows by using plywood

Few tips for shielding your windows by using plywood:

  • Cut plywood sheets of ½” or 5/8” thick and overlap the window frames by 8” all around.
  • Attach plywood to the wall of home by heavy-duty screws or expansion bolts.
  • To speed up installation pre-install screw anchors.
  • Store the shields in handy location.
  • Cordless battery must be kept charged.
  • Extra flashlights with batteries must be kept ready.

  • All you need to do is try to pull shutters into its place before hurricane.
  • Depending on the style and also the material, you can expect to spend almost between $10 to $50/square foot, in order to install professional grade storm shutters.

Install any high-impact glass windows

One great thing about any windows having high-impact glass is, they are always in place and ready for beating back anything that gets hurled by winds of hurricane.

These brawny buddies usually are made by using 2 panes of tempered-glass, that is separated by plastic film. Also, they will come in standard shapes and sizes, so they will not make your home appear like any Brinks truck.

However, be ready to pay 3 times the cost for a window, having high-impact glass, in comparison with regular window of same type and size.

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