How Do Emergency Locksmiths Open Doors? 

Locked doors in an emergency can be frustrating and stressful, whether you are locked out of your car, home, or office. Locksmiths who are emergency locksmiths have been trained to gain entry into locked properties as quickly as possible. How do they open the doors without damaging them? This blog will examine the tools and methods used by emergency locksmiths to unlock doors efficiently and safely.

  1. Non-Destructive Entry Techniques

Locksmiths in an emergency will use non-destructive methods to unlock doors without damaging either the lock or the door. These techniques require specialized tools and skill to ensure the lock is intact.

Lock picking is one of the most popular methods. Locksmiths manipulate pins in locks using a small set of tools, called tension wrenches and picks. They can unlock a door by applying pressure to the pins and moving them into the right position.

  • Bump keys: A bump is a key specially cut to fit most locks. It temporarily aligns pins when struck with a tool. This allows the locksmith to open the door and turn the lock. It is a quick and effective method, but it requires some skill to prevent damaging the lock mechanism.
  • Slim Jims: For car lockouts, locksmiths use a thin metal strip that can be slid in between the weather stripping and window to manipulate the locking mechanism inside the doors. To avoid damaging internal components, this technique requires that you know the locking system of your vehicle.
  1. Destructive Entry Techniques

Emergency locksmiths will resort to destructive methods when non-destructive techniques are not possible. These methods are usually used as a last option when the lock can’t be picked or bypassed because of its design or damage.

  • Drilling: Drilling is used to break a lock cylinder, allowing it to be opened and turned. The lock is destroyed by this technique, and it will need to be replaced. Locksmiths drill the door with precision to prevent damage.

Locksmiths can use hammers or crowbars to force open the door in extreme situations, like an emergency situation where access is needed immediately. This method can cause significant damage, and should only be used if safety is the primary concern.

  1. Advanced Techniques and Tools

Modern locksmiths use advanced tools and methods to increase their ability to quickly open doors.

These tools are used by locksmiths to create new keys if the original keys have been lost. Key decoders are used to determine the lock code while impressing is the process of creating a key from the impressions left by the pins in the lock on a blank one.

Locksmiths have tools that allow them to bypass electronic locks. They use special software and devices to bypass the electronic components of the lock and unlock the doors.


Locksmiths who specialize in emergency situations are highly skilled professionals. They use many different tools and methods to unlock locked doors. They can deal with a variety of lockout scenarios, using non-destructive methods like bump keys and lock picking to more drastic ones like drilling. Knowing that a professional will be able to help you quickly and safely gain access without causing any unnecessary damage can give you peace of mind. An emergency locksmith can help you resolve these stressful situations quickly, whether you are locked out of your car, home, or office.

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