Mobility Solutions for Seniors Who Live Solo

If you live alone, are in your senior years and love the independence you have in your life, there are solutions to help you get around your home. If you partner recently passed and you still live in the family home, which you don’t wish to leave, you can ensure that you can access the second storey by adding a stairlift.

New and used stairlifts

There are local stairlifts in Gloucester from a leading UK specialist and they have new and second-hand stairlifts that you can buy or rent. Self-operated, a stairlift is safe and reliable and if you would like to know more about stairlifts, search online for a supplier and they would be happy to send a technician to your home, where you can discuss the options. Installation is, of course, professional and full instruction is given.

Mobility scooters

There are indoor and outdoor mobility scooters, with a long range and several safety systems built into the vehicle. Search online for a supplier near you, visit their showroom and checkout the many different makes and models; they have both new and used machines and you can even rent if the need is temporary. There are many great features to enhance the experience, while you can also buy a fold-up scooter that can be put in the boot of a car, so you won’t miss out when the family go on those country walks.

As you get older, getting around the house can become a challenge and we hope the above advice helps you in some way.

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