Planning A Cost-Effective Refurbishment Of Your Office

When your office looks tired and needs brightening up, consider giving it a refurb to help breathe new life into it. However, with the cost of everything increasing, you will want to find ways to save money on office refurbishment costs. One way of making significant savings is purchasing the materials yourself rather than through a contractor, as they will often add up to 20% to the cost of the materials to help boost their profits. You can find some tips and advice below to help you source the materials you need for your office refurbishment project and save some money, so it does not cost you too much.

List All The Jobs That Require Doing

You want to start by listing all the jobs your refurbishment will cover so you can also determine what materials will be required. You may tackle various jobs, such as:

  • Replacing Flooring
  • Replastering
  • New Ceiling
  • Decorating

You can then look at each job, such as plastering, and determine what materials you will need to complete it, such as PIR insulation boards, adhesive, and other supplies. You will want to break each job into smaller tasks and determine what materials you need to purchase and what quantities. Once you have done this for all the jobs you will be doing in your office refurbishment, you can create a shopping list in a spreadsheet to help you find the best suppliers for what you need.

Creating A Shopping List Spreadsheet

You can now create a separate page for each item you need to purchase in your spreadsheet, and there is various information you will want to include. You want details about the product you need to buy, the quantity required, and the date you need it, so your project is not delayed. You can include information on your list, such as:

  • Supplier Website
  • Unit Price
  • Delivery Cost
  • Contact Details
  • Discounts Available
  • Lead Times

Once you have done this for every material you need for your office refurbishment, you can start looking for suitable suppliers online.

Shopping For Materials Online

You can now search for the required building materials online and look for the best suppliers for everything you need. You will need to compare the prices, but also ensure you compare the delivery costs, as these can differ massively. You want to use the same supplier for multiple materials where possible, which will help reduce the delivery costs for everything you order. It is sometimes best to order something slightly more expensive when you can order multiple items from the same supplier and meet the free delivery requirements.

Read The Terms & Conditions

Before you place an order for building materials, ensure you read the terms and conditions of the suppliers you will use first. Ensure you know your rights before placing an order and what you agree to when ordering building materials online. You can also look at their online reputations by looking at their social media profiles, such as LinkedIn or Instagram, which can help ensure you select a reputable supplier for what you need. You can then place your orders to get everything you need and start refurbishing your office space and transforming it into the ideal place for your business.

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