Renovation Vs Rebuild: The Pros & Cons

You might have been left an old property as an inheritance and are in two minds about renovating, due to the jaded condition. In such a case, a knock down and rebuild might be the best approach and there are specialist builders that can handle the entire project.

Let’s take a look at both options,

  • Home Renovation – A major renovation would certainly be a cheaper solution than a knock-down and rebuild and if the structural integrity is sound, renovation might well be the best option. Invite a couple of local builders to make a proposal on how best to renovate and see what the professionals say. You need to carry out a thorough survey of the property and crunch the numbers for both renovation and rebuild. Another aspect is to calculate the value of a renovated property as opposed to the estimated value of a new build.
  • Knock down & rebuild – More and more homeowners are looking at this option, which could be viewed as wiping the slate clean and starting again. Demolishing the existing structure leaves you with a vacant plot of land and with a top-rated custom builder, you can create your ideal home. The builder would handle the planning permission, the groundwork and the above ground construction, while also removing the debris, which would be recycled and reused. Check out the one-storey house plan 4 bed rooms (known as แบบแปลนบ้านชั้นเดียว 4 ห้องนอน in Thai) which is very popular if you have a large plot of land on which to build and a ground floor home is the perfect retirement home.

New House Design

Once you have made the decision to knock down the existing house and build a new property, there are many designs; search online for a custom builder and take a look at the various home design templates and when you find a suitable blueprint, your house can be based on that design.

Partial Rebuild

This is always possible, providing that the existing structure is of sound construction and the builder can survey the building and make some recommendations. You may prefer to add some living space by building a large extension and then renovate the exterior in line with the new aspect. The most important thing is that the portion of the building that you retain is structurally sound and the custom builder can help with this.’

Whether you decide to renovate or rebuild, choose an experienced builder with a good reputation within the local community and you will be more than satisfied with the eventual outcome.

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