Right Questions To Ask The Potential Landscaping Contractor

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Landscaping is hard and plays a huge role in increasing curb appeal and property value. 

How to find the right landscaper for your project?

  • Narrow potential landscapers list to 3 to 4 solid candidates. Ask the same questions as given below to each contractor. It will help you make an apple-to-apple comparison.
  • Check the validity of liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance because policies expire.

Questions to ask the potential landscaping contractor

What are the sources of your trees, shrubs, and plants?

Plants shipped from other parts cost more. They are susceptible to pests and diseases because time is needed to get accustomed to a new growing environment. On the other hand, if the landscapers use local plants then the cost is less, plants thrive better and need less maintenance.

Who will deal with the ongoing maintenance?

Define the overall maintenance plan in the contract, before signing. Replacement policy for dead plants differs from one company to another. Understand maintenance tasks, which the crew is responsible for!

Is my vision clear?

The landscape contractor needs to understand your vision along with the budget and the kind of maintenance you need. You can share pictures of the landscape project you like because visuals can help the contractor an idea of your vision. The contractor will put all this information on paper in a drawing form, so you get a preview of how your new landscape will look like.

Asking this question ensures that both are on the same page!

When will the whole project get completed?

Be prepared for bad weather and unforeseen issues, during the project. Therefore deadlines for landscaping are hard to determine. However, if you have some party or occasion hosted in the backyard let the contractor know.

When will all the plants mature?

Established plants are very costly and at times cannot transplant well. Landscaping crew generally plant young shrubs and saplings. Clarify these details and find the maturity time of your plants.

Can the cost be lowered?

If the estimate seems a little over your budget, discuss this with the contractors. They can suggest changes in the design or an alternative plant choice that can place the cost in a comfort zone.

Relax and see your yard transform!

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