Steps involved in finding the right architecture firm

You can find thousands of firms claiming themselves as professional architects online. However, most of them would be of low efficiency and you should not compromise in the selection of a reliable architecture firm as your property is for life. However, you can end up with the top architects in Singapore by following these steps.

Create a list

The first step is to grab a list of architecture firms in your locality. You can get this list from search engines and other sources like online business directories. Some directories will provide ratings for these companies and you can use them to filter.

Check the reviews

Online reviews can be of great help in finding the best service provider out there. You can check these reviews to know the reputation of the companies on the list.

Approach the potentials

After filtering the reputed companies, you should check their websites and contact them to know their availability to work with you.

Schedule an interview

You should schedule an interview to check the certifications and qualifications of the architects assigned to your project.

Getting the estimate

You should get the estimate of the project in terms of cost and time before confirming.

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