The Importance of Fire Doors in Care Homes

Fire safety should always be an important part of life within any building or public setting. When it comes to discussing fire safety in care homes though, we are discussing the protection of some of our most vulnerable citizens and it becomes even more important to have in place a rigorous and effective fire safety policy that protects the residents and carers. One way to achieve this is by installing robust fire doors that fit the strict requirements of this industry. Working with suppliers of fire doors you can quickly find the right type of fire door for a care home setting and ensure that all maintenance and repair issues are being looked at effectively.

Regulations are important within the care home sector and it is a fact that all bedrooms for residents within a care home setting must have a fire door fitted. The fire doors must be to a certain standard and be self-closing. What this means in practice is that the fire doors are heavy enough to make it hard for the elderly and infirm to open the door. This makes it a much safer space when a fire breaks out, as the fire door is designed to block off any fire and smoke that could injure or kill a resident if they come into contact with it.

There is a worry that heavy fire doors mean that some residents feel that their independence is being restricted. This can lead to fire doors in care homes becoming wedged open. It is important that carers and other people responsible for fire safety processes in a care home keep an eye on this and make sure the practice is forbidden and put back to the normal, safe, position if it is found in a care home.

Self-closing fire doors can be fitted in a couple of different ways, and it is important you think about which is better for the care home that you are responsible for. Some fire doors are fitted with magnetic retainers that connect directly to the home’s fire alarms, closing automatically when the fire alarm sounds. These types of doors can therefore be left open but always closed at night. The other option is a battery-operated system that are triggered by a fire alarm sounding.

Installing good quality fire doors internally in a care home could be the lifesaver that you are looking for. If the worst case happens and a fire breaks out in a care home there is not that much time to move residents outside to safety, and in a care home you are dealing with vulnerable and elderly people who might not be able to move as quickly as you need them to. With this in mind, fire doors provide that excellent barrier that blocks off the area where the fire has broken out, keeping residents safe from fire and smoke and allowing the entire care home to be safely moved outside as the emergency services arrive.

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