Things to Keep in Mind when Preparing and Packing for your Move

Moving can be both an exciting and stressful time and hiring a reliable moving company will make all the difference. Packing your stuff yourself may help you save money; however, before you decide how much to do on your own, try to contact at least three moving companies in Minnesota to obtain estimates for what they charge for various service levels. These include packing all your belongings and transporting them as well as loading and unloading them. If you pack your possessions yourself, the insurance of the moving company might not cover any damage to these items. Thus, ensure to ask about this before you make a final decision.

If you want to have an easier move and save money, consider weeding out items you do not need. Look for a local charitable organization and donate items you don’t use anymore or have a yard sale. As you prepare and pack for your move to or from, here are some things you must keep in mind:

Hidden Moving Fees

As you talk to moving companies in Minnesota, ask for in-home estimates in writing, instead of a web or phone estimate. The estimates you may get might be binding estimates in which the company agrees to offer some services for a set price or non-binding estimates of which cost is based on the estimated weight.  Ensure to ask about things such as moving heavy furniture, moving on weekends, and moving up and downstairs. Usually, these can carry hidden charges. Ensure the move is covered by insurance. The majority of movers offer free, limited coverage, with extra insurance available to buy.

Where you are Moving

If you are planning an interstate move, your mover should follow some federal regulations including giving you a copy of the “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” brochure. A number of companies provide an online tracking system that lets you watch your possessions as they move across the country. NO matter the distance involved, make sure to get the phone number and back-up phone numbers of the mover so you can reach the driver or vice versa.

When your items arrive at your new location and you are at home, do not sign off on the job until you have checked the arrivals. You want to ensure nothing is missing or damaged. Make sure to open any damaged package in the presence of the movers to confirm the condition of items inside the box.

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