Types of Landscape Maintenance Services

Are you planning to hire professional landscape services to settle your landscape needs? There are different types of services provided by professional landscapers. You need to know what you want to make your negotiations easier. Understanding these services will also protect you from fraud. Here are the common types that all professional landscapers offer.

General Bed Detailing or Maintenance

It’s a service you need to do several times in your home, depending on your geographical location. Some services can be three times a year, but they can be more than five times a year in some circumstances. Work done during general bed detailing or maintenance include:

  • Ground cover controlling or trimming
  • Weeding
  • Debris removal
  • Checking and removing browning branches and leaves
  • Removing spent blooms

General bed detailing is a must-have service. It ensures your home always maintains a curb appeal.

Fall or Spring Cleanup

It’s a more in-depth cleaning touching everything in general bed detailing, including:

  • Bed edging
  • Seasonal perennial trimming
  • Addition of grass and perennial diving
  • Mulch raking

The services provided here are deep cleaning your landscape that you need to do three times a year.

Hedging and Pruning

For plants to be healthy and have a bloom performance, it’s paramount to hedge and prune at the correct times. By hiring Witte landscape services, your plants get pruned at optimum times. Pruning will depend on their species. The pruning helps maintain plant shape and size. It removes diseased/dead limbs, promotes growth, and removes spent blooms. Hedging helps in shaping plants into their geographical forms. These two services are essential in landscaping.

Plant Health Care (PVC) or Landscape Plant Feed and Protect

All plants feed on soil nutrients. Heavy feeders are plants that consume many nutrients from the soil. An example of a heavy feeder is boxwood. Adding PVC to your landscape lets you get specific feeds for your soil and plants. You will also get pest and disease control services. They prevent the occurrence of any disease or pests. Examples of the pests and diseases to counter in landscaping are:

  • Aphids
  • Black-sport
  • Mildew forms
  • Bag-worms

Lawn Feed and Protect

It’s a service that fights many diseases and pests like grubs, fungal issues, and brown patches. If your turf gets infected, reach out to professional landscapers to offer a helping hand. In super wet seasons, you will need these services to control issues related to moisture.


Depending on the agreement signed, it’s a once or twice a year service. Mulching has many horticultural benefits other than being visually pleasing. These benefits include weed minimization, water retention, and root insulation.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal services depend on the signed agreement on when to do it. Some people prefer it once a year, but others can prefer seven removals per season.


The above are common landscaping services in most companies. Remember that not all companies will offer all of them. It’s thus essential to get a company that offers what you want and at a fair price. You will be able to get your desired landscaping results.

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