Understanding the Cost of Installing a Home Theater

Home theaters are dedicated rooms in homes made for the purpose of enjoying movies, sports, gaming, and television. They are designed to offer a true cinema experience. A well-designed home theater will quickly become any person’s favorite room in their home. If you are wondering about the costs of home theater installation, here are the things you need to invest in for your dreamed home theater and the costs:

Room Design, Layout, and Acoustics

If you still have to build a room to be used as the home theater, you may have to spend $50 to $250 square foot to construct a room from scratch. But, the exact cost depends on where you live, the required construction level, and the quality of materials you pick.

When building a home theater room, you must pay attention to the room design. To get this right, you must know how speakers will react with the room and take measurements. If you opt for several rows of seating, the construction cost can be in the $1,800-$3,000 range. In terms of the room design, you must determine the placement of your screen and front projector, placement of the speaker and acoustic needs, as well as seat configuration.

Acoustic Treatment

One of the most important parts of a movie is the dialogue. That is why you must be able to understand the dialogue. Acoustic treatment can make average equipment sound good and good equipment sound great. For basic panels, you may have to spend as little as $500 up to $10,000 to $30,000, depending on your rooms’ size and how far you want to take it.

Home Theater Equipment

If you want to put a cheap system in or invest in a custom home theater, you may need to spend at least $7, 500 on all of the equipment. But, if you want guaranteed quality in every piece of equipment, you want to get it individually. A decent 120” 16:9 screen will usually start around $1, 800. The great ones of the same size will be a bit above $3, 000.

Depending on your chosen speaker configuration, you may have anywhere from 5 speakers and a sub in a traditional 6.1 surround system to 9 speakers and 2 subs for the newest object-based surround sound systems. Consider spending $400 per speaker for the main front three.  Moreover, for subwoofers, you can start at around $500 each and you can go as high as you want. For side and surround speakers, choose something in the $400 per pair range and up. As for the receiver, you can get one for as low as $149. But, if you want a receiver that sounds great, expect to pay at least $800.

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