Wood Vs. Vinyl Windows: A Look At The Pros And Cons!

If you have been thinking of replacing existing windows of your home, the first step is to decide on the type of design you want. Traditionally, wooden frames were always preferred for windows, because of its incredible appeal and longevity. Contemporary interior experts and professional installation companies, such as Best Buy Windows and Siding, often recommend vinyl for new homes and replacement projects. Vinyl and wood remain popular choices, and in this post, we take a look at the pros and cons of both.

Knowing wood windows

When visual appeal and aesthetics matter over anything else, wood is an apt choice. The texture and look of wood add warmth to the interiors, and this could be a great option for homes that have similar themes. Wood can be colored in any shade and can be further painted as needed. Homes with wooden windows often fetch a better value at the time of selling.

On the other hand, wood is prone to rotting and moisture damage, and you have to spend from time to time on maintenance, which adds to the cost. Wood is also expensive of the two options, so for many people, wooden windows are way beyond the budget.

Knowing vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are made of vinyl and can have double or triple-pane windows, which adds to security and strength. Also, these windows are more energy efficient, and there are all sorts of advance locking systems and ways to fix common issues like rattling during a storm. Vinyl is low on cost, which means it can work for most budgets, and installation doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to spend on maintenance either, and expect these windows to retain the look for 15 years or more.

On the flip side, you cannot replicate the beauty of wood with vinyl windows. Wood remains an expensive, but more effective choice for aesthetics. Also, vinyl windows don’t always work as efficiently during a storm or rain.

Final verdict

If you want energy efficient windows, go for vinyl, which is also low on budget. And in case you don’t mind paying a tad more on the project, select wood as your option, but keep maintenance needs in consideration. Check online now to find more on vinyl window installers and call the experts to find more the pros and cons. You can also expect to get a warranty on vinyl windows for at least a decade.

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