Worried About Indoor Air Quality? Get Your Home Checked!

Unfortunately, not many homeowners pay attention to indoor air quality. Even if you are a busy person, you spend at least 12 hours at home every single day, and any compromise in that department can have serious health consequences. Various factors can influence the indoor environment and quality of air you breathe – think of pollen, pet dander, and dust. The HVAC systems are responsible for keeping the air clean and pure, and you may also want to get air purifiers. However, once in a while, call professional indoor air quality services and get your home checked.

Can’t I simply replace the air filters?

While air filters are necessary to keep the indoor air free of contaminants and allow HVAC systems to run at the best potential, just replacing them doesn’t really improve the quality. Sometimes, air filters are not responsible for the contaminants found in indoor air. Many professional companies can follow an air purification process, where they will not only remove these things polluting air but also get rid of other pollutants, including mold, bacteria and spores, if present.

What to expect from indoor air quality inspection?

Depending on the service you choose, you can expect the team to come to your place for a quick inspection. They will figure out the problems with indoor air quality and make recommendations. In some cases, they may recommend using a specialized purification system. These systems treat the air directly, which further ensures that the HVAC unit doesn’t have to work extra hard to push clean air. They will also offer an estimate for installation with cost of the various air purifiers and systems, so you can take a call accordingly. Some advanced air purifiers are just better than others and will ensure that dust, pet dander and other pollutants are constantly cleaned, while also keeping a check on odor.

What else can I do to improve air quality?

Well, replacing the air filters is a good idea, and you can do that every few weeks or months, depending on how extensively you use the HVAC units. Air ducts must be also professionally cleaned periodically. DO NOT attempt to clean air ducts on your own – This kind of job requires expertise, and you need a company that deals in residential air duct cleaning and is accessible on request in your area.

If you are installing a purification system, do ask about servicing and maintenance needs in advance.

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