Four Types of Plant you can Have on your Property to Attract Deer

Drawing deer to your property can help create a natural landscape while offering a glimpse into their lives. You can add the right plants to your land to attract deer. But, remember that while these plants are food sources for deer, their success in attracting these graceful creatures depends on the deer population and weather conditions. You can learn more ways to successfully attract deer into your land with the right landscaping at https://wildtree.co/.

Here are plants that you can have on your property to draw deer to it:

Perennial Plants

Cranesbill is a deer-loving perennial that thrives in full sun or partial shade. It produces dark pink blooms in early spring through late summer. Another perennial that can attract deer to your property is candy lily. This plant grows to around 1 foot tall with lily-like blooms in bright orange, pink, and red-purple hues.


Berry-producing shrubs such as elderberry, serviceberry, and snowberry attract wildlife like deer. Snowberries produce hummingbird- and butterfly-attracting tubular-shaped booms followed by white, waxy berries. Serviceberries have berries that resemble blueberries and are eaten by deer, humans, and birds. Elderberries can produce fragrant blooms in late spring followed by edible and shiny blackberries.

Chickasaw plum or wild plum is one of the best shrubs favored by deer. Deer eats both the fruits and twigs and take advantage of the shrub’s low-growing cover. This shrub thrives near streams, swamps, damp areas, and the edge of woods. American beautyberry is ideal for whitetails. It is also called the French mulberry. Its protein levels can range from 10% to 20% and deer love to eat both the twigs and leaves.


Plums and cherries are fruit-bearing trees that deer love to nibble on. The persimmon tree is another option that produces edible, round fruit consumed by both wildlife and humans. In some regions, pears and apples are excellent choices. You do not have to work as hard in growing both these trees. If your area is significantly warm, you can also consider plum. While variety is the key here, you should hire a landscaping expert or a local wildlife consultant if you are not sure.

Food Crops

Wheat is a significant food crop for der in the coldest months of the year. Also, deer are drawn to an area with alfalfa, which is a flowering perennial foraging crop. Also, deer browse on different species of clover such as red clover, white ladino clover, and alsike clover.

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